Finding Electric Cigarettes Wholesale

Why is it so difficult to find someone in the US that’s willing to provide a regular supply of electronic cigarettes at wholesale prices?

I wish I knew all the reasons, but we’ve still not yet found someone that has a good supply of a good product, that will not only answer the phone, but will stand behind their warranty too.

When you want to carry things in your store, and you’ve allocated shelf space, you need things to be in stock, and be consistently available.

Electronic Cigarettes are Changing
One of the big problems is that the industry is changing all the time, and therefore, so are the products. Not to mention the uncertainty that everyone is being thrown into because of the continued persecution against Ecigs by the Food & Drug Administration.

We are working on finding some stable sources now, but until we can send you a link directly to a wholesale shopping cart, please fill out this short form…