Blu Ecigs – What’s Wrong with Them?

One of the most popular electronic cigarette brands on the market seems to be doing their darndest to go out of business, or at the very least, discourage people from buying their product. What’s wrong with their management and marketing departments?

Apparently, their incredibly cool ecig recharging pack had some safety issues and so they are asking previous buyers to throw them away, and they will be replacing them at no charge very soon.

That’s just great, and they are to be applauded for their customer service, and the fact that they are putting consumer safety above their profit.

However, a quick look at their website shows a large warning at the top in yellow, and if you follow that link you’ll see their consumer safety notice, which doesn’t even have a date on it.


In my opinion all this serves to do is prevent anyone from buying their product.

If,  perhaps,  the safety warning said “Urgent safety information. Read this if you purchased before October 2009” then people that had not purchased the product before would not be scared away.

Instead, in my opinion, all this seems to be doing is warning off potential customers.

This is coming on the heels of a delivery problem they had this summer, where they had a similar disclaimer that told people it would be up to six weeks before they could deliver any product.

Obviously that had an impact on sales as well, but this current one seems to be just as severe, and it doesn’t really seem to be necessary, does it?

Combined with the fact that they still only make a three-piece unit, and haven’t yet made the jump to the  newest ecigarette technology, I can’t help thinking that the company’s days may be numbered.

I hope I’m wrong, because they seem to have a good marketing department behind them, and I already know I like their product, but it sure seems like a strange decision on their part.

Best of luck, Blu, in this latest of challenges…