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New brands of electric cigarettes come and go faster than players on a AA league baseball team, and many are only “virtual” storefronts, with no real shipping of their own.

We ‘ve heard stories of orders taking weeks to arrive to customers after being shipped directly from overseas!   We recommend only reputable merchants who are in it for the long haul, and this list hasn’t changed since the fall of 2010.

All vendors here must offer a minimum of one year warranty, have human access by telephone, and must ship from the US. If you EVER feel you are “ripped off” by anyone through our site, we’ll get your money back, or we’ll refund you ourselves!

These are the brands we recommend highly…


South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke has literally all of the criteria we’ve looked for, from a 100% Money Back Guarantee, to live humans you can speak to on the telephone.  They ship from the US, they offer the “two piece technology”, and their cartridges can be refilled -( in case you’re as cheap as I am. 😉

They offer one of the most inexpensive three-piece options out there, and they have the more current two-piece units too. Both have the lifetime warranty.  When they (hopefully) come out with a micro-size device, and they offer portable recharging packs like Esmoke, but as cool as the ones from Blu, they may become the market leader.


  • Lifetime Warranty – They stand behind their batteries forever. As you get into e-smoking, you’ll appreciate this.
  • Two Price Points – They offer refill subscriptions that cut their initial prices drastically, which is a very nice option.
  • Premium Kits start at $29 – Remember though, the “Premium” is the older technology, a poor performing three piece unit. Go for the Deluxe units instead, and be sure to get two batteries.
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Green Smoke

In 2011, Greensmoke became the sponsor of #50 Nascar, and vaulted into the national spotlight. GreenSmoke was already a top seller here on our site, and the only “down side” would be their 1 year warranty.

However, what they lack in warranty, they make up for with the widest product selection, great quality, committed customer service, product refill availability, and in every way possible, we are proud to be associated with them.

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Blue Cigs

Blu ecigs

I was first impressed with the look of their website, which has now been copied by many other sellers,  including Esmoke and South Beach. On my first purchase, I was also impressed at the speed at which they delivered my order.

They had invented the first portable charger for the electronic cigarette batteries, so I bought one and did a Blu ecig review of my own, but now the product is MUCH better

As of February 2011, they are no longer the old three piece style, and their new units are two-piece, with the new atomizer in every cartridge.  That and the price for a kit, just $69 with a portable charger, make’s em a pretty good choice, even with a 1 year warranty.

  • Full Kit at $69.99 – TWO Lithium ion rechargeable electronic cigarette batteries, FIVE Nicotine cartridges,
  • Cool ecig charger is included with all kits, and free shipping in black or white make this one tough to beat.
  • Down side?  The 1 year warranty is all that keeps them from being #1 on our chart.

imageEsmoke was the first vendor we knew of that was offering the two-piece designs in a  “micro size unit”. When you factor that in, and how long they’ve been in the industry, they are a market leader.

Good customer service,  you can get people on the phone, and they also offer a lifetime battery warranty.  Their starter kit draws a bit too much air for my taste, but I really like their small unit which is the actual “cigarette size” .


  • Basic Starter Kit – Adds an AC/DC wall charger and 5 nicotine cartridges – $85.99 (see my review)
  • Esmoke Pro Kits – The Cadillac of ecigs, at the smallest possible size, identical to a standard US King size. – $119
  • Esmoke Pro XL – The Cadillac of e-cigs, with the “cigarette pack” charging case.  $149.99




At Electric Nicotine, my goal is to not only provide you with a good selection, but to provide a helpful and informative site, that keeps you coming back, so I share my reviews and honest opinions wherever possible.

If you order though our links, we get a commission, so that makes you our customers after all! Please feel free to leave us some feedback any time…

  1. South Beach Smoke – With a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the battery, and prices starting at just $29 (if you sign up for optional refills), they’re hard to criticize, and hard to beat.  They taste great, the customer service is good, they answer their phones, and they are always in stock.
  2. Esmoke – Their super small micro-size unit is actually the same size as a regular king cigarette. Because of that, I call it the Cadillac of Ecigs, and it’s priced that way. It’s the latest three-piece technology, but at $189 with a charging case, and like South Beach, the battery has got a lifetime  warranty!
  3. GreenSmoke–  Also using the newer and better technology of a three-piece unit, I really like the Greensmoke unit, but they don’t offer the lifetime battery warranty.  Still a great product and customer service to match, but I’d like to see them cover the battery for life.
  4. Blu Electric – You can’t get a cooler charging case than the one that comes with their $69 three piece unit,  although it does have its downside, with only a one year warranty.

Since we are offered commission through these sites, we feel we bear a certain responsibility to you, so we watch out for our customers!