Why Celebrities Are Using Electronic Cigarettes

In light of the fact that electronic cigarettes are producing controversy throughout the world, their popularity is growing. There are lots of reasons to explain this.

In fact, many key celebrities are choosing to light up with an electronic cigarette rather than the traditional cig. Several of these are big names, too. If the electronic cigarette has captured the focus and the addiction of so many famous people, then there has to be something to the electronic cigarette, right?

Of course, their reasons for moving over to smoking with electronic cigarettes are quite varied, but that only casts more of a positive light to the electronic cigarette.

Truthfully, there are a variety of reasons to use electronic cigarettes over regular cigarettes.

If celebrities proceed to changeover to electronic cigarettes, many more will wean off of smoking real tobacco products.

Experts feel consequently, the cancer count will drop even in those cases diagnosed from second-hand smoke. Another plus would be that complete world health would improve exponentially, since few people would develop serious smoking-related life-threatening diseases, along the lines of emphysema.

Yet other added benefits would include: no more yellow teeth, no smelly hair or clothes, no chance of fire, no messes to make or pick up and ultimately, saving money. This happens because smokers wouldn’t have to constantly buy cigarette and other tobacco products, which are becoming ever more expensive all the time.

Naturally, that may just spell doom for the tobacco sector.

The following celebrities have switched from standard cigarettes to electronic cigarettes: Danny Bonaduce (“The Partridge Family”), Kevin Connolly (“Entourage”), Jose Conseco (ex-baseball star), Johnny Depp, Leo DiCaprio, Kevin Federline (Britney Spears’s old boyfriend), Katherine Heigl, Taryn Manning, Kate Moss (model), Tom Petty, Nikki Reed (“Twilight”) and Ryan Seacrest.

Typically, celebrities choose to make use of electronic cigarettes as a means to move toward giving up the smoking habit completely. That’s in all likelihood what makes electronic cigarettes special—they offer something essential that no real tobacco product may.

Electronic cigarettes haven’t been featured in any movie as of yet, but the way in which they are increasing in popularity will only indicate it’s merely a matter of time. Before long celebrities’ new habit in electronic cigarettes might be movie norm, which in turn will mean a whole new trend for a lot of people across the world.