Various Types Of Smokeless Cigarettes

AS with many products on the market today, consumers want choices and variety, this also holds true for the smokers who have given up their traditional cigarettes in exchange for the electric smoking experience to be had via smokeless cigarettes.

It is believed that smokeless cigarettes were created as a way for smokers to still be able to enjoy and satisfy their nicotine cravings while adhering to many local and state laws prohibiting smoking in public areas.

Since the smokeless cigarette is not actually a cigarette, in that it produces no smoke, and the user does not consume harmful chemicals, tar and carcinogens that are typically found in traditional cigarettes, nor does it produce any detrimental effects to those nearby in the same manner second hand smoke might, many establishments have allowed its use by patron who would normally be lighting up.

Given the rise in popularity of smokeless cigarettes over the course of the last few years, it is no surprise, then, that many of the manufacturers of smokeless cigarettes have introduced several product variations to give their customers a choice when purchasing their product.

The most popular type of smokeless cigarette is by far the rechargeable version which allows the user to plug in the charging platform and place their cigarette chambers in place to regain their charge for the next day. Typically these systems come with two smokeless cigarettes and the charging platform, that way you will always have a unit available to use should the nicotine urge strike.

Too, the nicotine cartridges that are available to consumers come in liquid form but many are also refillable versus the more common disposable type. In this time of economic uncertainty, people are choosing to purchase the rechargeable and refillable versions more often than not in an effort to save their hard earned money.

This has proven to be successful; too, considering that each nicotine cartridge has the equivalent of 15-20 cigarettes, smokers are saving more money by making the switch to smokeless cigarettes rather than continuing to pay ever increasing prices for a pack of cigarettes.

Additionally, smokeless cigarettes also offer many flavors — depending on the manufacturer — so that consumers are presented choices in that area as well. No longer would a person have to partake of the direct nicotine flavor, but now hay can choose from such flavors like mint, cherry and vanilla to name a few.

As with any successful product, makers of the smokeless cigarette have found a thriving market and by offering variety in the areas where it is feasible, have helped to fulfill their customers needs as every good business should.