Two Piece Electric Cigarettes are Superior

As prices have dropped, and you see starter kits in the $39 range, you have to wonder what the difference is between some of the low, middle and high end devices don’t you?

Well there’s been an evolution in electric cigarettes that’s pretty much rendered most other products obsolete, in my opinion.

The popularity of the old-style devices is being quickly outpaced by the newest kind, a simple two-piece electric cigarette with the battery on one end, and cartridge on the other, with the nicotine cartridges themselves having built in atomizers.

Most of the units you see at the stores online are still three piece, with a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge, and in my experience, they’re just not nearly as good.

A two piece unit adds a huge performance improvement, that frankly cannot be matched by the older and cheaper three-piece devices. In addition to holding more nicotine liquid, the newer style 2-piece units produce a higher “smoke” volume, and give a more satisfying experience to the user.

At the devices have gotten smaller, lighter, and cheaper, most of the “filters” in the old 3 pice units are now using tiny pieces of spongelike material to hold the nicotine liquid, which simply does not do the job very well.

Furthermore those small cheap atomizers tend to burn out after a while, leaving you with nothing but a battery, making it almost impossible to find replacement parts.

The new two-piece units have the atomizers built right into every cartridge, meaning every time you replace the cartridge you replace the atomizer, and as long as your battery is charged, you get a unit that’s virtually failure proof.

I’ve bought several units over the past couple of years, but the one I’m most happy with has this new two piece construction. Of all the vendors offered at this website, there are only two that seem to have this type of construction, and only one that seems to have them regularly in stock – Greensmoke.

They have a good selection of starter kits, but this is the one I like, that comes with an extra battery and an AC adapter.

Note that unless you’re a very light smoker, be sure to spend the extra $5 to get the higher nicotine level cartridges.