Some History of Electric Cigarettes

If you smoke, then you are probably very familiar with the sensation of guilt. Guilt for smoking even though you know what it’s doing to your body, guilt for smoking in the vicinity of non smokers and children, and guilt for paying such a high price for a pack of cigarettes, especially considering how tough the economy is.

In addition, you probably feel quite a bit of frustration too. Frustration over laws that prevent you from smoking in public places, in restaurants and even in your own car (in some state). Fortunately, there is a way you can have your cigarette and smoke it too, and that is with electric cigarettes.

The history of the electronic cigarette is quite dramatic, not in terms of the development itself, but the world’s reaction to this remarkable device. Instead of authority groups, such as the FDA appreciating the fact that there was an alternative to the highly volatile tobacco cigarette, they tried to find a way to stop the manufacturers from selling it in the US.

Fortunately, they have not been successful (although it took some fights in court for the e cigarette companies to get the right to sell their products). The only concession that they had to make was that they could not bill their products as a smoking cessation device until clinical trials were conducted to verify the validity of that statement.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, the bottom line is that if you live in the UK or the US, you can purchase electric cigarettes instead of tobacco based cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere because the smoke effect is created by a vaporizer rather than actual smoke.

This means that there is no concern of starting a fire and no concern of second hand smoke or inhaling carcinogens and so on. This smokeless cigarette means that if you smoke around other people, there is zero exposure to any of the junk that a tobacco cigarette exposes them to.

The only thing that you inhale when you smoke electric cigarettes is nicotine. Now, it is the nicotine that has created all the fuss with the FDA, who views nicotine as a drug. Regardless, this delivery system eliminates all of the other 43 known cancer-causing compounds and the 400 toxins found in tobacco cigarettes. As you can imagine, this makes electronic cigarette smoking much safer.

While clinical studies are being done, scientists have determined that the amount of nicotine in an electric cigarette is no different than what you get in a nicotine patch or nicotine gum and if used as directed, this smoking device is safe to use, and much safer and healthier than smoking a tobacco cigarette.