Liquid Nicotine in Stock

liquid-zerotarIt’s getting harder and harder to find the nicotine refill liquid for ecigs in stock anywhere, including what comes from the guys at ZeroTar.  

I really liked the Zerotar product, but missed orders, lost shipments, unanswered email and no phone number to call, forced me to remove their links from this site.

In this picture,  the bottle of nicotine juice from Zerotar has an odd shape, and the bottle I bought from them didn’t quite match – err, at all actually.  Although it tasted fine, produced good vapor, and was a heck of a lot cheaper, the Chinese origin left me completely in the dark about what was really in it.

100% US Made Nicotine Liquid
Now however, there’s finally a company that is offering lab tested US made liquid nicotine, and  as far as I know, they are the first company to use a 100% US-based product not only in all of the cartridges they’re selling, but in each of their models too.

The company is Esmoke, and they are offering their nicotine liquid in bottles so consumers can refill their own cartridges, and each batch is being individually tested.


Each bottle comes complete with an eye-dropper, a childproof cap,  and is visibly marked with individual batch numbers.  That’s really a major step, because the individual batch numbers are able to be looked up on their site and traced back to the 50 gallon drum from where it came.


The batches are sensibly named with the  month and nicotine level, and each bottle label is stamped with the information.

Each of those batch numbers links to the independent lab analysis of every batch,  so it’s obvious that they are paying more attention to the quality of their product  than anyone else in the entire industry.


At only $20 per bottle, it’s a better deal than most others too. I’m waiting for my bottle to arrive now, and when it does, I’ll update this post, or write another with a review.

It arrived in to me in 4 days time, and I noted that it tastes slightly different than the liquid which their cartridges came with.   I’m not sure why that is – perhaps I just had old cartridges? Anyway, my cost of esmoking has dropped dramatically now,  and I’ve yet to have one a single one 1of the atomizers  (normally designed for just one use) wear out through refilling.