FDA Banning Driven by Big Tobacco

So the FDA is considering banning a device that is “not yet proven to safe”, in favor of the alternative – something that’s been proven UNsafe?

That’s almost funny, it it wasn’t a sad picture of how corrupt our system has become.

I believe that that tobacco companies are primarily behind efforts to ban this device, because it will affect business so badly.

Unfortunately for them, mankind and technology are going to adapt, because we want our niciotine!

With the entire world telling us that cigarettes will kill us, (not to mention the actual fact that it’s TRUE) they have to see that their industry is a dinosaur on its way out.

Just like the record companies fighting MP3 downloads years ago, they have to accept the inevitable, and if they were smart, they would get in on the act, and sell the devices as an alternative in the grocery stores.

With replacement cartridge resale, they ARE missing an opportunity to get in early on the market now, while the product is in the news.

Here’s a great video in support of the product…