Day 3 With No Cigs

This was actually easier than day two, although I’m burning through cartomizers pretty good.

Now that I’m using an Ecig INSTAD of smoking, I’ve found that my trusty Blu electric cigarette is alright, but the cartridges seem to stop tasting good pretty quickly. Feels like I could go through 3 in a single day!

I much prefer the throatier hits I get from my Southbeach, where one cartridge could make it through the day.

However, I’ve just made an order from a new vendor called Vaporzone, actually owned by the Southbeach folks, that used a pre-charge button to fire up the device.

Vaporzone Logo


These are much more high tech… I don’t  think I want to sit there and puff and puff on an ecig all the time. I think I’d prefer a big hit or two, and then just be able to put it down.

I ordered two models – One was their $59 starter kit, that looks like this –

Vaporzone Pro



And the other one I ordered was their top of the line $180 Rebel – 

Vaporzone Rebel

Both of them should be here this week, and i’ll come up with some feedback after I’ve tested them out…