Electronic Cigarettes Without DEG

As you may know, the FDA reported on electronic cigarettes recently that it had found something called Diethylene Glycol in cartridges from some manufacturers.  Those manufacturers were Njoy and Smoking Anywhere, neither of which we offer here.

DEG is a chemical also found in anti-freeze, and we are VERY happy to report that a recent third party analysis of one of our vendors cartridges has been certifed to be free of DEG.



The FDA’s report rehashes their initial statement, saying that electronic cigarettes are not safer than real ones, and we think this is simply an attempt to scare electronic cigarette users into returning to real cigarettes causing undue alarm.

Why does the FDA prefer you to keep smoking regular cigarettes?

When it comes to “carcinogens detected in the product”, the FDA NEGLECTED to say that that the levels were no higher than in other nicotine replacement products, and they also dodn’t mention that they were found to be 1400 times lower than in Marlboro cigarettes, for which we pay enormous amounts of taxes! Coincidence?

There are also tobacco lobbyists in Washington that are vehemently against ecigarettes, because their use threatens the profitability of the tobacco companies. People like e-cigs, and they are switching from regular cigarettes in record numbers! This is hurting the death merchants at the tobacco companies.

Scientific Proof

A Dr. Michael Siegel, who is a professor in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department of Boston University – School of Public Health has over 20 years of experience in tobacco control.

He wroter a blog post titled “The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary” and he covers the levels of carcinogens found in the Electronic Cigarette compared to traditional (FDA approved) “real” cigarettes.

His numbers are based on scientific findings and CLEARLY show the following results, and you can read his full article right here.

The vendor that was tested? None other than Esmoke, and here’s a recent review of their starter kit that I did about a week ago…

Maximum Tobacco-Specific Nitrosamine Levels in Various
Cigarettes and Nicotine-Delivery Products (ng/g, except for nicotine gum and patch which are ng/patch or ng/gum piece)
Product NNN NNK NAT NAB Total
Electronic Cigarette 3.87 1.46 2.16 0.693 8.183
Nicotine Gum 2.0 ND ND ND 2.0
Nicotine Patch ND 8.0 ND ND 8.0
Swedish Snus         2,400
Winston 2200 580 560 25 3365
Newport 1100 830 1900 55 3885
Camel 3100 1400 2800 150 7450
Skoal 4500 470 4100 220 9290
Marlboro 4300 1800 4900 190 11190