Free Electronic Cigarette | What’s The Catch?

Okay, here’s the deal. Nothing in the entire world comes with “no strings attached”, and it’s pretty much “buyer beware” out there.

When something sounds too good to be true,  it probably is, but sometimes it can be a win / win for both the buyer and the seller.

Update: 2013 – This offer is CLOSED

Unless you’re giving money to a homeless person, you’re always going to expect to get something in return, and it’s no different with the Knight “free trial” of an electric cigarette.

Still though, it’s a very fair deal – For a $9.95 shipping and handling fee, this company will give you a free electronic cigarette with one battery, two nicotine cartridges, and a USB charging device, delivered to your door, so you can test it for yourself.

What’s the catch? What do they want from you?
They simply want you to try an electric cigarette, and within 15 days, decide whether or not you want to pay for your refills and if not, cancel. There are no hidden clauses, it’s not deceptive, it’s not hidden in a tiny font, and it’s not difficult to follow the directions and cancel over the phone within under three minutes time. A human answered, and didn’t even put me on hold!

If you don’t cancel by phone within 15 days then you will be charged for (and shipped) a batch of refill cartridges.  After that’ you’ll get a monthly restock, until you choose to cancel.

I bought the product myself, and it arrived quickly in my Mailboss mailbox in just two days.

When I first opened the package, I IMMEDIATELY looked for the cancellation number, and I recommend you do the same. Make a note of it, and PHONE THEM IMMEDIATELY, so you can satisfy your own curiosity that you’ll be able to cancel if you were to decide to.  Trust me, you’ll sleep better!

If you want all the details, take a look at the short video i put together below, but here’s the salient points…

I like the product a lot, primarily because of the taste and vapor volume, which is what it all comes down to.  The cartridge liquid is fresh and smells good when you rip one open, and that’s a big plus. Much of the pleasure many of us get from tobacco comes from the smell even before burning, and these smelled great, and fresher than the average refill cartridge.

The newer technology of the 2-piece ecigs was a nice bonus that surprised me, and is probably the biggest advantage to this one over another trial offer. (see a short video on the difference between the two and three piece electric cigarettes)

Besides having more than the average amount of flavor and vapor, the price too, is another advantage, at least initially. A comparable unit from anyone else is going to be $70 to $90, again, this is because it IS the better technology of the two piece unit.

Cancellation was easy, with my time on-hold initial waiting time after the first ring under 45 seconds.  Again, I encourage you to try this for yourself for your peace of mind.

It’s not the “micro” size  – If you’re after something as small as a regular king cigarette, it’s slightly fatter and longer.  I wouldn’t REALLY say that’s a “disadvantage”  but it’s something to be aware of.  Anything that small, in the mini-micro size, but still in the two piece technology is still well over $100 minimum.

The price for refills is a bit high at first glance. It’s certainly not abusive (like my inkjet printer ink), but it is on the steep side. However, I refill my own nicotine cartridges anyway, so it’s not really an issue for me. Be aware though that in the long run, the money you save with the free trial will be paid back over time.

With only one battery,  it lasts fine all day, and I’ve not had a problem remembering to charge it each night, but YOU might! Being out of electricity isn’t like being out of smokes – You can’t bum one or run to the store. Having a single battery makes it more affordable, and isn’t REALLY a disadvantage either, but again, something to be aware of.

A first time buyer cannot possibly go wrong, even if they buy it and decide they dislike vaping (e-smoking) entirely. For just $9.95, you get a sample to your door within a couple of days, and if you buy it through my link, I can even make a few bucks 😉

Here’s a short video review I put together that covers what I summarized above…

This offer is CLOSED