Esmoke Sensation Review

Two piece technology has become more affordable, and this is a review of the Sensation from Esmoke.

Since they don’t have separate atomizes anymore, this kit is essentially two complete units, bringing the price to about $62.50 each.

Their USB starter kits begin at only $69.99, making it one of the most affordable two piece units available on the market today.

I received my Esmoke Sensation starter Kit very quickly – in just two days, actually and I have to say I was impressed with that. When they say they have them in stock and ready to ship, they really do mean it!

Since there were two batteries, I decided to decided to charge them both fully. Although they usually do come charged, it wouldn’t be fair to test it without a full charge .Esmoke Kit

With the $124.99 kit I was given two batteries, one a bit shorter than the other, as well as a wall charger, a USB charger and five nicotine cartridges.

After charging them, I popped opened a fresh cartridge, screwed them together and took a drag.

My first impression was that it drew more a bit more air than I expected, which threw me a little, but the smoke volume was pretty good, and the tobacco flavored cartridge tasted fine.

IMG00071I also bought a few flavored cartridges because I’ve never tried them, and I like the way they package their cartridges with rubber covers on each side.

This lets you change cartridges to a different flavor without risk of drying out.

I packed my new electric cigarette and went out for the day, using it frequently while driving, and just as much as I could in fact, because that was trying to see if the battery performance was really better.

This unit represented their newest technology, with better components inside that were supposed to minimize the “false activation” of the battery that can help drain the power faster.

I tried the chocolate, I tried the coffee, and I tried the vanilla, and all throughout the day, although they satisfied the itch, I found myself looking for a way to lessen the airflow coming through the battery.

With other two piece units I’ve tried, you can control the airflow by tightening the cartridge a little bit, or loosening it if you prefer more air, but with this unit that seems to have no effect.

IMG00077It was only after closer examination that night that I realized that the air was coming through the tip of the battery, and not through the area of connection between the cartridge and battery.

Once I realized that it was easy to control the airflow little bit with my finger.

However, when I did minimize the airflow, the activator wouldn’t kick in as well, so really, for me I don’t know how much I’ll be using it.

The additional airflow seems cuts down on the smoke volume a bit, and it also makes it feel a little bit less like a regular cigarette which draws much firmer, and with less air.

On the other hand the technology and the battery was great, dropping it on the table definitely did not activate it, while on another brand I have, it does it every time, which does kill the battery life.

Extended battery life
Super fast shipping
Telephone operator available
Cartridge covers for storage of unfinished flavors

A bit more airflow than you would expect from a regular cigarette, and that’s the only thing that kept me from giving it a perfect score.

Do I recommend this unit?
Yes absolutely, but do be sure you buy some extra cartridges because these flavors are actually pretty tasty, and I’m finding myself enjoying the variance! 😉


  • USB Starter Kit – Includes One battery, one usb charger, two nicotine cartridges – $69.99
  • Basic Starter Kit – Adds an AC/DC wall charger and 5 nicotine cartridges – $85.99
  • Deluxe Starter Kit – Adds the AC/DC charger, the 5 cartridges, AND a second battery – $124.99