Refilling Cartridges with Nicotine

Ever since I got my nicotine refill liquid, I’ve been saving money by refilling my own cartridges, however, it’s a bit confusing as to the “proper” technique.

Are you supposed to clean them? Squeeze and drain them? I’m just not clear! Does anyone know?

For the large cartridges, the ones that come with the old long “pen-type” electric cigarettes, I’ve been squeezing out any remaining liquid onto a paper towel and themn refilling.

(I still use that long one at my desk, and I actually like the draw that I get on it better – plus – the cartridges last a lot longer.)

However, the small mini-cig type are in a harder plastic shell, and can’t be squeezed.

There must be a way to either get replacement pads or to clean them out somehow, and I’ll find out and follow up, I promise.

In the meantime, I’m saving even more cash now by refilling, which is good because here in the state that I live, cigs are going up another $1 per pack on April first!