Liquid Nicotine Juice Bottles

More and more people are refilling their electric cigarette cartridges these days with liquid nicotine.

With all the political talk of the supposed “unknown health risks” in ecigs in general, I’m happy to report that I just had a great conversation with someone from Esmoke about their liquid.

esmoke-logo100% made in the USA
As far as I know, they are the first company to use a 100% US-based product in all of the cartridges they are selling, with each of their ecig models, and in all of their cartridges.

Now,  they are offering that same nicotine liquid in bottles so consumers can refill their own, and each batch is being individually tested.


Each bottle comes with a childproof cap, an eye-dropper, and are clearly marked with batch numbers. Each of the individual batch numbers can be looked up on their website right down to the 50 gallon drum.


The batches are named by easily identifiable month and nicotine level, and are stamped on every bottle label, and soon will be on every cartridge.


When you follow the links on those batch numbers, you can see the independent lab analysis of each and every batch, and it’s obvious that they are paying more attention to quality than nearly anyone in the industry.


At only $13 per bottle, it’s a better deal than most others too!

US Made Eliquids from


It arrived in 4 days, and it to me, tastes slightly different than the liquid that their cartridges came with.  I’m not sure why that is – maybe it’s a bit fresher?

Anyway, the cost of esmoking has now dropped dramatically ,  and I’ve yet to have one of the atomizers  (normally designed for just one use) wear out.