Electronic Cigarettes from $39? Wow!

A new shipment of electronic cigarettes just arrived at Zerotar and I was amazed to see that prices have now dropped as low as $39!

Technology is really changing our lives and when I bought my first unit it was $119! The new ones look a lot more like cigarettes, in fact almost identical, and they’re lighter as well

Their basic unit for the 84mm cig is $39, but that doesn’t come with any nicotine cartridges, which of course you have to have.

They also have it available with 5 nicotine cartridges for $49, making the nicotine refill cartridges two dollars apiece, but at $69 you can get 10 nicotine cartridge refills, along with an extra battery too, which to me seems like the best deal.

Here’s a direct link to their 84 millimeter kits – definitely worth checking out.