Sanity in Virginia (sort of)

Just like California senate bill 400,  it looks like the anti-electric smoking lobby has been stopped for now in Virginia, not because a bill was being passed to ban them, but because over zealous anti-smoking lunatics tried to argue that electric cigarettes actually violated the non-smoking ban.

According to the Washington Post,  Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, has ruled that electric cigarettes do *not* violate the state’s smoking ban. Hooray!

Unfortunately, it was necessary for him to “rule” because the opinion was requested by Del. Chris Peace. He said that a constituent called him after she was told by the Virginia Department of Health that the devices do violate the state’s smoking ban.

Really?  The Virginia Department of Health said that the devices violate the state’s smoking ban? Well now they are legally wrong, but it’s hard to believe that they were actually that stupid in the first place.

Equally idiotic in the debate appears to be the American Cancer Society, and their lobbyist / spokesman, Keenan Caldwell, who, according to the story, said “the devices were created to get around smoking bans and violate the spirit of smoking bans.” –

WHAT!?! you think THAT’S why the devices were created? Not to give addicted smokers a less deadly alternative for nicotine delivery? You believe it’s an answer to anti-smoking zealots, rather than smokers just going outside? Amazing.

And I thought the “spirit of smoking bans” was simply to create a healthier indoor environment for everyone, is that not that case? Because these do exactly that, and are well within the “spirit” of the ban.

Mr. Caldwell, are you simply unaware that electric cigarettes have no smell, no ash, and there’s nothing left floating in the air for others to inhale?

Do you not know the difference between a steamlike vapor, and actual smoke that comes from burning something?

I’d like to believe that Mr. Caldwell and the American Cancer Society are simply uninformed about what electric cigarettes actually do, and what they actually are, or why else would they be against them?

On the other hand, as I said a year ago, I believe that it’s bribery, corruption, and dollars flowing directly into the pockets of politicians that’s really pushing the nations “anti electric cigarette”  regulations.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the American Cancer Society had other less scrupulous reasons for being against the devices, because their arguments make no sense.