New York Bans E-cigs

As incredible it may seem, I actually sat through this entire video, and the only thing worse than the poor quality of the video itself, was the poor quality of the legislature in New York.

Let me get this straight, NOT ONE single legislator voted against this?

Some of them didn’t even know what an electric cigarette was, and none of them seemed to have any interest in whether what this woman was saying is true or not.

No investigation seemed to be done of any sort, and rather than shut down a particular business that IS violating the law by selling to minors, or by going AGAINST the electric cigarette manufacturers Russ claims, by FALSELY claiming that it’s a “stop smoking” aid, they have simply made them illegal.

HEY New York – while you may not be interested in electronic cigarettes, or should at LEAST be interested in the poor quality of representation you have in your state. THESE are the people you’ve elected to deciding your future?