Electric Cigarettes Becoming Illegal?

Theres some really disturbing news from the US government this week, that the FDA is actually going to be regulating nicotine as a drug.

The bill has passed the House, passed the Senate, and currently sits in Obama’s inbox in the Oval Office.

Theoretically, this could severely impact your ability to purchase one of these electric cigarettes as a US citizen. How ridiculous is that?

Here’s what NPR has to say, in an article written yesterday:

“It’s a bill that’s been more than 10 years in the making — supported by Republicans and Democrats, President Obama and, more surprisingly, by the nation’s largest tobacco company — Philip Morris.”

Oh yeah? Why do you think it’s supported by both parties and by big tobacco? Because the wheels have been greased!

Big tobacco is trying to kill off our ability to purchase an electric cigarette, because heaven forbid, people are slowing down buying their poison.

Here we have a product (tobacco cigarettes) that we are 100% certain causes not only sickness, but can be attributed to millions of deaths – and that’s completely okay.

Under the proposed legislation, it will remain 100% legal for the cigarette companies to do business as usual, and will only impact the ability of others to deliver nicotine in what and reasonable person would call, a “less deadly manner”.

If the FDA can reclassify the nicotine in electric cigarettes as a drug, then they can regulate who sells them.

You may not be able to buy these ingenious inventions without, what, a trip to the doctor for a prescription? !

This is so unfair, and seems completely anti-American, but it looks like the deck is stacked against us.

The cigarette companies hate esmoking because they still allow people to keep doing all the things they like about regular smoking,. Things like the regular “hand to mouth” action, blowing smoke rings, French inhaling, chewing on them until their raw, and people are getting their nicotine fix in a way that nobody has reported is harmful.

I’m not claiming that electric cigarettes will help you stop smoking or even slow you down, but they did it for me.

While I’ve not cut out traditional smoking completely, my intake has been drastically reduced, and a pack a cigarettes glassmaker for days now, compared to going through a consistent pack a day.

The FDA is claiming that “we don’t know these electric cigarettes are safe…” but does anybody have even the slightest doubt that its are less harmful than traditional smoking? Is that really in question?

Write your Senators and other elected officials. Tell them about your experience with the electronic cigarette. Send it certified mail. Find out who is your Senator . Find out who is your Congressman. Write President Obama.

All I know is that the days may be numbered where this website may end up being shut down by the federal government, and unfortunately, like our nation’s continual kowtowing to the oil companies, the system is corrupt.

If you value your freedom to choose, write to your Senator, write to your Congressman, write President Obama, and sign the petition.