Free Electric Cigarette – Possible Scam?

A customer of ours went through a recommended vendor, and ended up having multiple time consuming problems. Those problems resulted in her having to change her credit card number, and because we sent her there, we are very sorry, and have dumped that brand forever, after less than two weeks on our site.

What’s the Scam?
Electric cigarettes are not actually “free” and you do have to pay $9.99 for shipping.  OK, that’s not unreasonable.

However, in smaller type, sometimes unnoticed, but ALWAYS THERE, will be a “subscription” or “refill plan”. These involve RECURRING BILLING. Again, not complicated, and in some cases actually a convenient, and financially sound transaction. That’s not a scam either, but to those that are unaware of the fact, it can seem like one.

The “danger” part comes when you try to cancel, so you have to stay with a “reputable” brand that answers their phone. Call the cancellation number BEFORE you sign up!

Ecigs Smokeless IS running a scam!

ecig smokeless scam offerThere’s one company named Ecig Smokeless, that is not only making it difficult to cancel, but is further charging the credit card, ultimately forcing one of my customers to have to cancel their credit card!

Linda Crawford sent me an email October 19th, 2011 and that’s when I got involved. First, I pulled down the offer immediately, and over the next 30 days, despite multiple emails and attempted phone calls, I sent to them, AND to my affiliate network manager, the issue was NEVER resolved, and she had to get a new credit card, to stop the recurring charges.

They use three different brand names – Maybe more!
imageEven more disappointing, was them completely ignoring my emails. I never got a SINGLE response, despite my various “escalations” which went from me asking them “Has there been an oversight?” to telling other people on the email that “These guys have stolen my customer’s money!”

I sent copies to ALL all of their email addresses,  and even made some up, like support@ orders@,  sales@ and so on. I got NO RESPONSE.

I also tried phoning their “customer service number. and tried every voicemail extension but their voicemail won’t work.


Their non working voicemail has been broken like this for over 45 days (update 7/20/2011 – this is now the number for a  mortgage company).

Before writing this, I just now tested again – 1-877-731-9991 and you can download the call for yourself!

This is not an “oversight” or anything accidental. This is THEFT!

Here is their contact info, and if you bought one from me in two weeks this October 2010,  I’d like to hear from you with any problems please.  I promise to make it right if you’ve not gotten your refunds…

E2 Distribution PO Box 3040
Chandler, AZ 85244-3040

So where CAN you get a $9.99 trial safely?

I don’t know!