FDA Loses and We Win

Back in July, Oregon became the first state to sort of  “ban” the sale of electronic cigarettes, after this report was released.

Within days of that report, the state government here in Oregon acted quickly and heroically 😉 to protect us,  pulling a couple of products off the shelf.

The local TV and radio news was busy for two days talking about Oregon’s supposed “banning” of electric cigarettes.

This turned out to not be  true, and I spoke to the Oregon DOJ about their Ecig decision, but the damage was done, and the industry took a black eye here in Oregon.

Anyway, today, according to the Phoenix News Times, the FDA lost their lawsuit in civil court.

The paper reports that the Arizona based company, Smoking Everywhere,

…got some good news today from a federal judge: The Food and Drug Administration has to back off in blocking imports of the devices.

hooray! – They’ve ruled in favor of them, and in favor of NJOY, another brand, saying that the FDA must not try and regulate the devices more stringently than they do more-ordinary tobacco products, because, are you ready? –

E-cigarettes are basically just a modern-day tobacco product.

Thank YOU – A Little common sense. Shows that governior Schwartzenager made the right descision when he terminated Ca. senate Bill 400 four months ago

Who Loses?
I think this is a loss for big government, and a loss for big tobacco, who instead of embracing the technology, and getting into the business of building their brand, have instead been fighting the industry.

The lack of willing participation from US death merchants simply AMAZES me.  Their idiocy reminds me of the music industry when they were fighting digital downloads.

Wouldn’t it make sense for RJ Reynolds and the rest of them to sell something that hasn’t been medically and scientifically proven to  KILL their best customers?

Who wins?
It’s a win though for us, the consumers of electric smokes,  who can continue to get our nicotine however we want it, without the abusive prices of patches or gum, and we can basically feel like we live in a free country!

It’s a win for each of our electric cigarette resellers, because they may continue to do business in the United States! That’s huge! I’ve gotten to know eeackh of the companies well, and there were millions upon millions of decision dollars hanging in the balance.

And of course it’s a win for me, because I may continue to sell, use, and write about this bitchin’ technology.