Three Piece Electronic Cig Options Might Be for You

If you are looking to make the switch to electric cigarettes, there are 3 basic designs on the market. The main one piece, two piece, and now the three piece types which are all on the market. They all basically function exactly the same way, but the difference can be linked to cost and the […]

The Newest Electric Cigarette Accessories Available

Right now, as more smokers make the change to electronic cigarettes, they also hunt for different ways to take pleasure from their new product. Today’s electronic cigarette manufacturers provide a wider assortment of accessories than others offered just a few years ago to make utilizing their items easier and pleasurable to use. Usually, if you […]

The Most Popular E-Cig Brands Available

No matter if e-cigarette smokers only use them when out in public or not, they have become well-accepted with smokers and have opened up the floodgates for many companies to start manufacturing them. Smokers trying to make the switch to electric cigarettes can spend lots of time looking for the advantages and disadvantages of the […]

The Newest Smokeless Cigarettes In The Marketplace

Electronic cigarettes have offered smokers a non-tobacco alternative for a few years now. As the e-cigarette industry matures, new designs and choices have created the newest second generation of smokeless cigarettes. Among the most recent most popular brands are the disposable electric powered smokes that contain their own battery, atomizer and cartridge in one slick […]

There Are Far More Electronic Cigarette Options Today Than Ever Before

If you’re new to trying e-cigs, it’s vital to find a brand or source that provides the most options possible. As the use of electronic cigarettes increases, so do the quantity available options. Obviously, many people simply make the switch so they are able smoke anywhere they want to smoke. Additionally, the number of companies […]

What to Think About When Buying Electronic Cigarettes

If you’re one of millions who are thinking of switching from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, chances are you are interested in comparing different brands. Of course, smokers want to choose the one that offers the flavor and gratification they desire in their smokes. The very first thing a lot of people look at is […]

Just How Do Tobacco Firms Feel About Electronic Cigarettes?

Tobacco companies are at a major crossroads in their firm, with significant attacks originating from two separate fronts. To begin with, the known health concerns regarding tobacco smoking are causing a lot of states to pass public smoking restrictions. On another facet, makers of e-cigs are convincing more and more people to make the switch […]

Smokeless Cigarette Costs Versus Tobacco Cigarette Costs

There’s a lot of different incentives to influence people to try e-cigs that it may be a challenge to accurately compare prices among the diverse brands. Likewise, it can be almost impossible to accurately compare the price of buying and using e-cigs to the price of purchasing and using tobacco cigarettes, since every smoker has […]

The Science Behind Electronic Cigarettes

Several years ago, a creative Chinese inventor saw the need for an alternative to cigarettes, with many diseases being attributed to cigarette smoke. Learning, although nicotine wasn’t the healthiest product of smoking tobacco cigarettes, it was also not the deadliest of the nearly 4,000 carcinogens found in tobacco, he began to brainstorm. The furor over […]

The Evolution of Today’s Electronic Cigarettes

Since the first electronic cigarettes hit the market in 2006, a variety of products have sprouted up in this new industry. From the first products, which were much larger and unwieldy compared to traditional cigarettes, potential was seen in this type of product. Sure, they did not immediately capture world attention, but their potential was […]