Day 536 (Give or Take)

The catalyst to quitting smoking was that a friend of mine had a stroke, and was going to be unable to work any longer. Nearly a year and a half later, he still can’t work, and I’m still not smoking, and that’s pretty cool. Not a single puff of cigarette smoke has crossed my lips, […]

Day 5 – Burning Cartomizers

I spent Sunday sorting through an incredible amount of old stuff, and testing out old cartridges, getting rid of the burnt ones. Some of them really taste bad! I gathered things up, sorted them by brand, at least the best I could tell, anyway,  and put them in their boxes,  but I’m not sure what […]

Day 4 – Getting Better

I finally told my wife yesterday after noon that I’d quit smoking. She’d seen me puffing on the ecigs more than usual, but had’n’t apparently noticed that I didn’t stink like cigarettes any more… Of course she said “are you going to quit those too?” referring to the ecigs.Then she asked me if I “wanted” […]

Day 3 With No Cigs

This was actually easier than day two, although I’m burning through cartomizers pretty good. Now that I’m using an Ecig INSTAD of smoking, I’ve found that my trusty Blu electric cigarette is alright, but the cartridges seem to stop tasting good pretty quickly. Feels like I could go through 3 in a single day! I much […]

Day 2 Off Cigarettes

This morning I came downstairs to a burning smell in my office, where I had enlisted several different USB ports and e-cig adapters to charge my various batteries. I knew over the next few days especially, I’d be trying lots of different options and ecigs, going through batteries, etc. I couldn’t quite figure it out, […]

I Quit Smoking Last Night

After traveling by plane a long way over the holidays, the Ecig did its job, and ever since, I’ve realized that I really SHOULD try to quit smoking, so I did, at about 3pm yesterday, when I decided not to buy cigarettes –  It’s  9 AM now… Tweet

Linn County Iowa – Permiit Required

The official website of Linn county Iowa is reporting that – The Linn County Board of Supervisors today approved an ordinance prohibiting the sale of unregulated products containing nicotine (including nicotine delivery systems) without a retail cigarette or tobacco products permit. The ordinance also prohibits the sale of unregulated products containing nicotine and nicotine delivery […]

State by State Laws

No federal nationwide smoking ban is currently implemented in the United States. Smoking laws and regulation in each state varies widely. Selling and use of e-cigs may be regulated or banned all together in some states and not in the others. Not sure what your states stance is on electronic cigarettes? Check this e-cig legislation listing […]

Battery Evolution for 2012

The heart of any electronic cigarette is the battery, and as of this writing, the most advanced battery in the industry has been released by our #1 vendor, South Beach Smoke. Their SuperMAXTM Deluxe Battery  is probably the most advanced ecig battery on the market today.  At the tip it has their “signature crystal”, emitting bright orange […]

South Beach Smoke – Huge Price Drop!

It’s no secret that South Beach is one of our fav0rite brands, and there are many reasons why they’ve sat atop our comparison chart for so long now. Now though, they’ve given us another reason to love ’em, with a permanent price reduction on all of their refill cartomizers.  This is really huge news, because the […]