Unique Benefits and Features of Electric Cigarettes

Smoking fans are delighted to report smokeless cigarettes open new doors for smokers whose smoking actions are being restricted due to the passage of smoking bans.

Even states with agricultural interests in tobacco have placed restrictions on the utilization of cigarettes and this is inviting more users to profit from the specific features and benefits of E-Cigs.

Probably the top advantage of smoking E-Cigs is for health purposes. Not one of the determined 4,800 chemicals found in standard cigarettes are in E-Cigs, and the 79 cancer causing agents also aren’t present.

Add to that the fact there is no scent emanating from electronic cigarettes and their advantageous use becomes much more evident. After the smoker of an electric cigarette exhales there might be some vapor lurking in the air for a few seconds, but there is no smell.

Brand new flavors have been included in many lines of E-Cigs. In addition to regular flavors for sale in varying levels of nicotine, and menthol, some producers are adding fruit flavors to lure a wide range of users. The LED light at the end of electronic cigarettes also helps to make the electronic cigarette look similar to a standard cigarette.

A lot of the other important things about E-Cigs include not having your property or car smell of stagnant cigarettes as well as having no smell on your apparel.

Stains on your finger tips also really don’t accumulate and many users benefit from the benefits of having the capacity to breathe better as well as having a better sense of taste and smell.

Without inhaling the chemicals and carcinogens found in the standard tobacco cigarettes, common sense should tell you that they MUST be healthier, although manufacturers and people selling these things  are legally prohibited from saying that. They’re not allowed to say it can help you quit smoking either, although again, some people claim to have done so.

Nonetheless, because electric cigarettes contain nicotine, sales and use is still prohibited to anyone under the age of 18.

While all of these things are true advantages, most agree that to be able to smoke E-Cigs in places where cigarette use is banned is still possibly the most important benefit they offer.