Three Piece Electronic Cig Options Might Be for You

If you are looking to make the switch to electric cigarettes, there are 3 basic designs on the market. The main one piece, two piece, and now the three piece types which are all on the market.

They all basically function exactly the same way, but the difference can be linked to cost and the versatility. Each one comes with a few things specific to only it.

The one piece type is usually used in the lower cost brands or even in electronic cigars, both of which are deemed to be disposable. Batteries in this variety are not designed to be recharged and as soon as their single use they are intended to be discarded.

They are usually less expensive than 2 or 3 piece types. But, even many of the two piece types don’t contain a rechargeable battery and therefore are treated as disposable units.

While using two piece variety, the atomizer is normally built into the cartridge that also contains the liquid nicotine. One of several key benefits to this sort is the fact that every time you replace the cartridge you’re installing a new atomizer as well.

You can also switch flavors of your e-cigarette by just replacing the cartridge. There will be no blending of flavors when you remove one cartridge and screw in another one.

The 3 piece innovative design, as the name implies, has three separate sections. The cartridge, battery and atomizer are in all different pieces and if one happens to go bad, you simply replace that one piece.

Those who prefer to refill their own nicotine cartridges will really appreciate the three piece design as they are easier, and a lot less messy to refill compared to other types.

The pay back to the 3-piece type is that the atomizer can become soaked with nicotine over time and will need to be replaced more often.

You will want to be sure to have a spare or two handy for that inevitability, as the nicotine flavor remains inside the atomizer. If you want to switch flavors often, this can be a problem as the flavors tend to become mixed.

Thus, if you do not like to refill the nicotine cartridges, chances are you’ll not need a 3 piece design. However, if you’d prefer to refill your own, you could seriously enjoy the options a three piece e-cig can give you.