Three Piece Ecigs are Dead

I am officially declaring the three-piece electric cigarettes OBSOLETE, and it’s extremely important that you understand there is a huge difference in products.

Many people don’t even know there is a difference, and they have no idea why some units are so cheap!

Why are some under $40 now?

Here’s a two minute video explanation…


So many of them really STINK when compared with the newer technology that came out this spring! Suppliers all over the world are dumping their 3 piece units as cheap as possible on consumers that are unaware of the shift in technology. Personally, I like the two piece unit from GreenSmoke…

  • It will be in stock
  • It will ship within 8 to 48 hours
  • It will ship from the U.S.
  • It will arrive in working order
  • It will not emit odors with use
  • It will be usable indoors or out
  • One battery will last all day
  • It will not be a “factory reconditioned” ecig

Use this code to save 10% on any GreenSmoke order:


Decent Three piece units

Did you really still want one of the old style three piece units? This one from Zerotar is only $39 and it won’t set off smoke detectors on the airplane either!

I do own one, and have yet to have the atomizer fail, but I rarely use it because of the low volume cartridges and the short battery life, but it’s great as a spare to have in the car.