The Origins of Electronic Cigarettes

The sad fact about smoking is that even though it has been proven extremely bad for your health and that a cigarette smoker dies every 6 seconds, still over 30 percent of the worlds population continues to puff away.

While there are plenty of ways a person can go about quitting the habit, there are more options that present themselves every day and one such option are electronic cigarettes.

Now in all honesty, an electric cigarette is not officially considered a smoking cessation device, nor can it be advertise as such, but for many people, who do not care to stand on ceremony that is precisely what it has become.

It has become a way to wean them off the dangerous and unhealthy habit of inhaling the smoke from a tobacco product that has up to 43 known cancer causing agents present within them.

While electronic cigarettes are very popular these days, and to most people they seem relatively new, the electronic cigarette goes back as far as 2003. In China, a company called Ruyan developed the first electronic cigarette and aptly named it the e-cigarette.

This non-combustible cigarette was then released in the US thanks to a distribution arm of the Ruyan Corporation located in Minneapolis.

At one point, these non smoke cigarettes where being touted as a stop smoking aid until the World Health Organization in 2008 deemed the e cigarette not a reliable means to stop smoking.

While this put a damper on the impetus behind the e cigarette, the company continued to market them as a healthier alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette (WHO wants trials done to prove that the e cigarette can be used as a smoking cessation aid).

Today, not only is the e cigarette still around, but many other companies have entered the market. There are many options when you want the taste and the feel of a cigarette without the harmful side effects.

While the tobacco companies spend millions and perhaps billions trying to develop a safer tobacco cigarette, the electric cigarette industry has already developed theirs and that industry continues to grow.

Smoking is different to many people. Some can give it up at a moments notice and think nothing more about.

However, some struggle with a chemical dependency on things like nicotine and quitting is extremely difficult. Others just like the relaxing and comforting feeling of having a cigarette in their hands.

Whatever you particular situation, electronic cigarettes are a great alternative.

They are not harmful, they will likely satisfy your nicotine cravings, give you the feeling of that cigarette in between your fingers and they will cost you a lot less in the long-run as compared to real cigarettes.