The Most Popular E-Cig Brands Available

No matter if e-cigarette smokers only use them when out in public or not, they have become well-accepted with smokers and have opened up the floodgates for many companies to start manufacturing them.

Smokers trying to make the switch to electric cigarettes can spend lots of time looking for the advantages and disadvantages of the many varieties. Their opinion may be dependent on as many different points, as there are many different brands on the market.

In order to make the best decision about which electric cigarette suits you, look at what each brand name offers. Look at the cost, delivery time and the equipment included with each pack of electronic cigarettes you purchase.

To make sure you’re choosing sensibly when making your choice, start a list of five or more brands. Then do some research to find out which ones supply you with the best features that might be best for you.

All electronic cigarettes offer the same benefits over tobacco cigarettes in that they leave no ashes behind and no smoke to stink up your house or car. With zero tar or other harmful carcinogens, they are a healthier substitute for regular cigarettes.

V2 Cigarettes

Based on many internet reviews, the very best electronic cigarettes on the market today are V2 Cigarettes. Customer support in addition to a good quality product that delivers on each promise, helped to make the company a highly rated e-cigarette in the United States.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

If you love a brand with outstanding customer service, Green Smoke might be the brand for you. Right from the start, they’ve been recognized to surpass their customers’ expectations. Incorporated into most Green Smoke purchases will be a comprehensive accessory package that can offer users with an exceptional experience when electronic smoking.

Blu Cigs

Some people desire to use a brand like Blu Cigs, which is a U.S. manufacturer that features in its starter pack, five cartridges with 16 mg of nicotine. This really is equal to approximately 200 and 300 puffs, in addition to two rechargeable batteries, a charger and a USB charger.

Smoke Tip Electric Powered Smokes

The Smoke Tip electronic cigarette also comes hugely ranked, based on the inclusion of six cartridges as well as a slightly less costly starter pack. Smoke Tip E-cigs were also rated higher due to the availability of different flavors of smokeless cartridges.

Fifty One Brand

Last but not least, the 51 Brand e-cigs are quite popular today. The cigarettes offer many options to e-cig smokers and are known to deliver good quality products.