The Evolution of Today’s Electronic Cigarettes

Since the first electronic cigarettes hit the market in 2006, a variety of products have sprouted up in this new industry. From the first products, which were much larger and unwieldy compared to traditional cigarettes, potential was seen in this type of product.

Sure, they did not immediately capture world attention, but their potential was seen by many and various products have been introduced to capture a slice of the growing industry.

Much like traditional cigarettes, smokers have always had differing ideas of what a cigarette should feel like and taste like. In addition, users have always felt cigarettes should different in the amount of nicotine they deliver, giving smokers the option to choose their preferred strength.

Electronic cigarette manufacturers, wanting to latch onto a larger segment of the electronic cigarette market, look for new products to help them achieve their goals.

It is difficult to determine the exact order in which many of the featured electronic cigarette products appeared. But, it is safe to say the process of the electronic cigarette’s size being reduced to that of a typical cigarette, played a major role in the e-cig’s acceptance.

In addition, when e-cigs started offering different strengths of the liquid nicotine, (ranging from full flavor and lights, to those that contain no nicotine at all) many smokers decided to try these new products.

Since the batteries in most electronic cigarettes are rechargeable, a charger has been built into many of these packages to make sure the cigarette is ready for use when the smoker wants to indulge. This has only added to the popularity of electronic cigarettes.

The development of alternative colors of the electronic cigarette units also encouraged people to decide to try them, along with packaging that closely resembles traditional cigarettes.

In fact, the newest colors are so appealing, many critics are claiming they are too attractive to children and underage smokers. However, color is not the only change which has prompted some smokers to try them.

To appeal to the tastes of smokers, new flavors have also been added to include many fruit flavorings and some even resemble certain flavors of candy.

Along with the electronic cigarettes, new products have also been introduced to satisfy the demands of other smokers. Electronic cigars and even pipes have come to market, to garner a larger share of the smoking public.

Also, with so many areas banning the use of tobacco smoking, electronic products are gaining more ground. The original inventor used his own habit of four to five packs a day to envision and create the electronic cigarette.

His desire to quit prompted him to develop a new method of satisfying his urge for nicotine. Since that time, many companies have patented their own products and the electronic cigarette industry has continued to grow and thrive.

Today’s electronic cigarettes are offering cigarette smokers an alternative to traditional smoking. They can often help people stop smoking or provide them with a way to satisfy their nicotine craving in areas where smoking has been banned. Overall, they are becoming almost as popular as traditional cigarettes.