The Development of the Electronic Cigarette

For many years now people have been smoking traditional cigarettes. However, it has proven over the years to be very unhealthy.

There are all sorts of chemicals and harmful substances that a person inhales when smoking a traditional cigarette. These chemicals and substances cause all sorts of health issues such as lung cancer.

It is also a very expensive habit, because cigarettes are heavily taxed. These two reasons are why there is so much money spent to help people quit smoking.

There are things like the nicotine patch that have been developed, but one recent development is the electronic cigarette that uses nicotine liquid. This article will focus on its development and what makes it better than a traditional cigarette.

The electronic cigarette was first patented in 2003 by a company based in Beijing. It is actually now controlled by the Golden Dragon Group Ltd. The first electronic cigarette ever sold was in China.

Its popularity has really increased as well as sales went from thirteen million dollars all the way up to thirty-seven million dollars in just three years.

It has proven to be very effective for people, because it uses nicotine liquid in order to give a person that nicotine they crave, and the rise in sales shows that it works.

The thing that makes these cigarettes so great is that they use nicotine liquid. When a person inhales a cigarette they will be setting off a sensor within the cigarette that starts to heat the liquid nicotine in the cigarette.

The person will then get the nicotine which is what they crave in a traditional cigarette. However, the electronic cigarette is smokeless.

This makes it really great, because it doesn’t disturb others and it isn’t as harmful to others as a traditional cigarette is.

The electronic cigarette is very young since it has not even been patented for ten years yet. It is something that is growing with popularity though, and the rise is sales shows that.

It has proven to be very effective as it uses nicotine liquid to provide nicotine to its users while, at the same time, remaining smokeless.

It is a great alternative for anyone who wishes to stop smoking traditional cigarettes because of the health issues they give people. I hope this article has been beneficial to people looking for a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.