The Design of Electric Cigarettes

Have you heard of the recent innovation called electric cigarettes? In that case, you’re already aware of their sophistication and simplicity. Electric cigarettes are used in the same way as traditional cigarettes and have the same purpose, but they are a healthier replacement for traditional smoking.

The mouthpiece, the heater, the light and the battery are the four main components to the electric cigarette.

The first component is the mouthpiece, which is also referred to as the cartridge. Shaped like a cylindrical plastic cup, this piece also contains a smaller cup of material that absorbs liquid (most notably electric cigarette fluid). This special electric cigarette fluid contains distilled water, one of many flavorings offered, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin and nicotine (from 0mg to 16mg).

The liquid drips slowly through the bridge of the electric cigarette’s heater and is vaporized for the ingestion of the user. Air flows to help with this process, which is gradual (much like a normal cigarette would burn). Those who use electric cigarettes can replace the cartridge or refill it with more liquid and use their electric cigarette over and over again.

If you want something a bit more durable, there are also stainless steel mouthpieces made for electric cigarettes. The stainless steel versions are known to provide a better burning process. They do not need to be replaced, can be easily cleaned, can be refilled and are great for those who “smoke” often.

The heating element of the electric cigarette is known as the “atomizer” and works to warm the electric cigarette so it can vaporize the liquid contained in the mouthpiece. When the liquid is vaporized it can be inhaled by the user.

They are able to be used multiple times before they must be replaced, as they are disposable in nature. You can also find “Cartomizers” which are essentially cartridges and atomizers combined in one. They are also disposable and require the replacement of both the mouthpiece and the heater when they’re disposed of.

The electric cigarette is powered by a lithium-ion energy cell which has no wiring. The power design of the cigarette is very modern in design and simply gives power to the cigarette for the “burning” process.

Lastly, there’s a LED signal light on the end of the electric cigarette which simulates a “burning”. This helps make the electric cigarette look more realistic and in addition, it signals the user the unit is on and working. While the electric cigarette may appear real, there are no harmful hazards with electronic cigarettes like there are with real cigarettes.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that sophistication is not the only thing the electric cigarette offers. In addition, it offers a healthy way to refrain from traditional smoking and the harmful negative effects associated with traditional smoking.