Smokeless Cigarette Costs Versus Tobacco Cigarette Costs

There’s a lot of different incentives to influence people to try e-cigs that it may be a challenge to accurately compare prices among the diverse brands.

Likewise, it can be almost impossible to accurately compare the price of buying and using e-cigs to the price of purchasing and using tobacco cigarettes, since every smoker has unique smoking habits.

Most people smoke a pack a day while others only smoke a couple of cigarettes a day. Nonetheless, all in all, there are numerous main price differences between electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes.

Normally, smokeless cigarettes are about the same price as tobacco cigarettes, if compared on the basis that a sole nicotine cartridge equates to about a pack of cigarettes.

This comparison on the other hand may not be accurate, because so many smokers do not invariably finish a whole cigarette before either putting it out or throwing it away. If a smoker uses an electronic cigarette, they might only puff three or four times before putting the unit away, which makes the cartridge last longer when compared to regular cigarettes.

This often means e-cigs can be a lot more cost efficient, because there is no waste of product, unlike there is when somebody puts out a cigarette before it is used up completely.

As a substitute, the electronic cigarette smoker simply uses what they really want during each smoking session. Even so, some critics have warned this may mean the smoker will feel more inclined to smoke for longer periods of time, because there’s never a signal of when the “cig” is completed.

There’s also numerous online offers for types of e-cigs that drastically reduce the cost on a per-cartridge basis. Introductory offers are plentiful, and depending upon the details of the offer will make it exceedingly less costly.

Needless to say, you’ll want to be cautious with the terms and conditions associated with these offers. Often e-cigarette brands may also offer free trials, but it’s essential to read the fine print because most often a free trial ends up being not free.

To help entice their customers to stick with them, tobacco companies often hold specials on their products. This may influence a cigarette smoker to buy more of their normal cigarettes for a quick price cut, rather than making the switch to electric cigarettes, for a longer term reducing of the price of their nicotine habit. Marketing is often very powerful, as tobacco companies undoubtedly don’t want to lose their clients.

There are several brands of e-cigs and, once divided, the price will probably be fairly even. However, some of the aspects of ordering from a particular company could change that. Some give you a free car charger or home charger, and replacement atomizers, as a reason to buy from them.

When you are looking at e-cigarette prices, be sure you are comparing comparable deals and searching beyond the opening price to discover what the change to e cigs cost. If you don’t, the switch to a unique e cig manufacturer in the future, will cost more ultimately.