Make a Life Change and Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

So you want to smoke wherever you want, but you have some respect for those people who don’t want your blowing your smoke in their face? Well, there is a solution and it’s called the electric cigarette.

Perhaps you have already heard of electronic cigarettes and it is even possible that you gave up on it in disgust because the atomizer stopped working or the batteries would stop recharging quickly.

Whatever the reason is, you should know, that just like the TV, the computer, the DVD player and any other electronic invention ever, time brings improvements and their has been a great leap forward when it comes to the electric cigarette.

What is so new and exciting? Well, the e cigarette industry heard the cry and complaints of users around the world. So many people wanted electronic cigarettes to be a success but were very disappointed by the actual product.

The new, two-piece smokeless cigarette is not only easier to use from open box to smoking, but lasts longer and has a more effective and believable smoke effect. In other words, you look like your smoking a cigarette, not a sad version of a cigarette.

The improvements to the electronic cigarette not withstanding, you know that there are at least three reasons that you should stop smoking; health, cost and new and changing laws. Electronic cigarettes do not fall under the law in terms of where you can smoke them.

Because they are truly a smokeless cigarette and emit no toxins, you can smoke them anywhere. The toxin rule applies to what you inhale as well, all you are inhaling is nicotine and vaporized water, this solves the health issue.

The last issue, and often the biggest issue, is cost. Yes, electronic cigarettes are expensive, at least initially. Some have an initial investment of over a hundred dollars for a starter kit. While this may seem steep, consider the cost of replacement nicotine cartridges (which are said to equal 15 cigarettes per cartridge).

A package of cartridges (usually 5) costs around $10. Think about that for a minute, a cartridge equals almost a full pack and five cartridges cost only about $2 more than a pack of cigarettes. Over time, you are going to save a lot of money if you make the switch.

It is important to note that the electric cigarette is not designed to help you to stop smoking. It is designed to give you an alternative to smoking unhealthy traditional cigarettes. The bottom line is that you can smoke without worrying about your next doctors visit and the bad news that he might give you.