Looking At The Leading Smokeless Cigarette Brands

Similar to regular tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes come under various brand names. Although many of these brands share typical standards, each one bears its own distinction to set it apart from the rest.

This reflects the fact that the electronic cigarette, which a little while ago was only a new innovative idea, now has its very own industry comprised of a great number of variable companies and moderated by laws and regulations specific to it.

The most popular smokeless cigarette brands include: the Safe Cig, the Green Smoke, the Blu, the Premium Electronic, the Smoke-Tip, the E-Smoke, the NJOY, the Eluma and the Cigarti. These are the most popular due to the excellence of the merchandise, the simplicity, the affordabililty and the assortment of flavors offered.

Among the list of major distinctions between electronic cigarette brands are flavor and skin appearance (personalization), although the two-piece device is relatively new and offers a preferred convenience over the original and still-prevalent three-piece design.

Of course, prices for the starter kits vary from manufacturer to brand name. The costs depend on a number of factors like whether accessories are included, the battery type, the cartridge count, the atomizer type, any recharger inclusion and demand.

Concerning flavor, many brands like the Safe Cig , Green Smoke and NJOY still pay tribute to the normal cigarette and are quite popular due to the fact many smokers enjoy and like the old aroma of authentic tobacco.

Still, numerous new flavors have taken hold and drawn in many experienced and brand new smokers who think it is nice to experience a change.

Among the brands featuring these innovations are the Premium Electronic (with eighteen different flavors), the Blu Electronic (with five different flavors), the Eluma (with chocolate flavors and more) and the Cigarti (which features many fruity flavors like lemon, apple orange and strawberry).

As far as the design customization goes, NJOY and Cigarti take the lead. NJOY has a sleek, “pen-like” appearance that can adapt in length and Cigarti allows users to choose from at least 100 different designs for the sake of accommodating individual taste.

All around, to uncover the best smokeless cigarette you should look at flavors given, the price of the unit (and replacement cartridges) and the designs offered, to decide which one is most effective for you.