Is It Harmless To Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

The topic of whether it’s safe to use electronic cigarettes or not is a question being significantly debated in many scientific and medical circles, likely because there’s been very little research done about them.

Sure, the smokeless cigarette does contain amounts of nicotine but not carcinogens, such as acrolem, hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, lead, hydragysum, tar or other harmful elements traditional cigarettes contain.

Moreover, electronic cigarettes will not give off carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide, which are associated with real smoke.

The kicker comes in mainly because the FDA recently concluded that e-fluids in electronic cigarettes do contain amounts of diethylene-glycol, a chemical compound included in antifreeze and has shown to be lethal if consumed. Of course, the limited studies done haven’t confirmed this.

The consensus of the professional medical community is split down the center on the matter. Some doctors have apparently recommended using the electronic cigarette as a method of weaning smokers from their habit, yet others have said the dangers are unclear and the device ought to be regulated.

But, regulation can’t happen until serious and complete studies are produced. It’s been thought the FDA has now started the process of regulation or opposition to regulation, however.

Meanwhile, electronic cigarette manufactures supported by the Electronic Cigarette Association, have asserted the discharges in the e-fluid comprise a marginally greater consistency than that of water vapor, which is naturally nothing significant.

Even a number of users have claimed the electronic cigarette is undamaging, or at least less harmful than actual cigarettes.

A lawsuit has been filed against the FDA to cease further border seizures of the electronic cigarette device. The lawsuit claims (1) the findings regarding diethylene-glycol are not conclusive and so action taken against the Electronic Cigarette industry is unlawful and (2) since the electronic cigarette isn’t lawfully considered a medical means to assist smokers to quit smoking, the FDA has no jurisdiction over the matter.

Then, is the electronic cigarette safe or not? At this point there is no definite evidence electronic cigarettes are anything but undamaging and common sense will tell anyone they must be safer than standard cigarettes.