Government Regulations and Electronic Cigarettes

Electric cigarettes are a fantastic alternative to smoking, but some people question just how the government regulates this kind of product.

Much like many new items on the market, you can find government inquiries into the basic safety of the product and electronic cigarettes are no different.

As electronic cigarettes became more and more popular, the Food and Drug Administration desired to have them regulated as a drug simply because of the nicotine they contained. Their argument didn’t last, but due to the nicotine content they’re regulated much the same as many other cigarettes and tobacco products.

Just like with other cigarettes and tobacco products, it’s illegal to sell, buy or provide smokeless cigarettes to people under the age of 18. The different amounts of nicotine available in smokeless cigarettes make no difference within the laws managing their sales. Undoubtedly, this is a great way to protect kids from getting items with nicotine in them.

The big fight presently brewing over electronic cigarettes is dependent on some manufacturers’ use of wild colors and styles, and the flavorings being put into the nicotine.

Some believe using colors and exotic flavors is pandering to the youth, with the makers seeking a new generation of kids hooked on nicotine. Others contend that the usage of electric cigarettes will be used as a stepping stone to the use of regular tobacco cigarettes. Smokeless cigarette makers argue that smokeless cigarettes are much less hazardous than conventional cigarettes, which makes them less of a hazard to children, as well.

Those who dislike e-cigarettes are comparable to those waging the fight against advertising gadgets for youngsters found in meals at fast food restaurants.

However, they argue that providing nicotine products including tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes to minors is unlawful, while providing youngsters’ meals filled with toys is not illegal. Most importantly, the absolute only way kids can get electric cigarettes are if a grown up offers them.

Many electric cigarette manufacturers tout the lack of second-hand smoke as a critical selling point. Individuals against their use always push that they not be allowed to be used in any kind of place where smoking has been suspended, like in bars, restaurants and other public facilities in 38 states.

Promoters argue the objective of anti-smoking legislation is to shield the health of those who don’t smoke from the probable effects of second-hand smoke. Since e cigarettes usually do not emit smoke, and there’s no tobacco used within them, many believe that they must be exempt in the no smoking restrictions.

All in all, smokeless cigarettes really are regulated similarly to regular cigarettes. They are not able to be obtained by minors, should only be used by grown ups and are even occasionally banned in public places. Even so, fans of electric cigarettes argue they are safer than traditional cigarettes and are great cigarette smoking alternatives.