Facts About The Blu Electronic Cigarettes

The Blu Electronic cigarette is by far one of the most well-known across the world. It is no surprise that this brand tops many e-cigarette lists for good quality and preference.

Many individuals love the Blu Electronic cigarettes since they are particularly affordable. Many other brands go up to $149.99, but the Blu Electronic cigarette basic starter kit costs about $59.99.

In fact, the Blu Electronic starter kit offers many extra features that make $59.99 an even better deal. It includes 5 cartridges, along with a variety pack containing 25 other cartridges, each bearing a different nicotine strength level for the smoker’s particular preference.

The Blu starter pack also gives “smokers” a chance to smoke while they’re on-the-go as it includes a battery that charges in the recharger case along with its at-home wall charger.

To top it all off, the Blu Electronic cigarette package includes a 30-day guarantee and a 1-year warranty for trial use. If the purchaser is not satisfied, they may return the package for a 100 % refund.

Added features include loads of different flavors for an owner’s smoking pleasure. These flavors are not solely indigenous to the traditional aroma of real tobacco. The flavor of Classic Tobacco is offered for those who like the experience of smoking regular cigarettes without the effects of carcinogenic contaminants.

Magnificent Menthol was created for many smokers who prefer a menthol flavor. Java Jolt is a unique flavor and is actually the most popular flavored offered by the company. Vivid Vanilla is great for those who like the sweet taste of ice cream and Cherry Crush offers a cherry tobacco taste.

To summarize, this brand of electronic cigarettes has a remarkably original look in comparison to its competitors. Most smokeless devices have an orange glow to imitate an actual cigarette, but the Blu Electronic cigarette has a blue LED.