Comparing Electric Cigarettes with Each Other

There are more than enough options when it comes to comparing electric cigarettes found on the market nowadays.

Perhaps this has actually become a problem, because many people find the choices overwhelming and therefore end up not even making a decision in the long run but instead run to the store and pick up their reliable pack of old fashioned cigarettes.

Now, the problem with this is that they can’t smoke where they want or when they want, making them wish they would have purchased an electric cigarette kit after all. All in all an electric cigarette is the perfect alternative to traditional options, especially when it comes to smoking in public.

There are a handful of brands to look to when comparing electric cigarettes and these include Blu, eSmoke, Green Smoke, Zero Tar, Luci and Smokeless Delight. There are differences in quite a few of the products so it is important to make sure you know what you want.

Some things to keep in mind is the volume of smokes you can get per cartridge, these brands can range from the equivalency of 15 cigarettes per cartridge (for Blu and Luci brands) to 40 cigarettes per cartridge (for Zero Tar and Smokeless Delight brands). In addition, the warranty time lines also vary from one brand to the other, another good reason why comparing electric cigarettes before deciding on which one to buy is a good idea.

Some brands still use a three piece system while others such as Green Smoke and eSmoke offer the newest two piece technology. What this might mean to you is a difference in price, product satisfaction, and ease of use. With that said, it really depends on what features are going to affect you most, whether that be the amount of smokes you can get from a cartridge, the length of the warranty a product comes with, or how fast the product ships out to you.

An excellent resource to comparing electric cigarettes can be found at:, where everything is laid out in an easy to read chart complete with specific information about each brand available on the market.