Brand New Electronic Cigarettes Technologies and Improvements

The technology behind electronic cigarettes, commonly called smokeless cigarettes or e-cigs, has not changed all that much since they were invented by a Chinese pharmacist in 2003, hitting the commercial market a year later.

Nevertheless, there have been many functionality and appearance modifications that have made them popular among smokers as well as those wanting to kick their smoking addiction.

The first models were greatly larger and not well-accepted as an alternative for classic cigarettes. As they grew in recognition, they were made tinier to better signify the size and feel of a conventional cigarette.

The elements inside the cigarettes were also made smaller and life of the battery improved, making them a lot more popular. The liquid nicotine used in the smokeless cigarettes has also improved from being only available in replacement cartridges, to featuring kits with which smokers can invigorate their cigs with nicotine.

The most up-to-date innovations in e-cigarettes have not been very popular with critics. While suppliers have tried to enhance their products by adding tasty flavorings, critics fight they are trying to market their products to kids.

Designs of the electronic cigarettes have been criticized for being way too colorful and appealing to non-smokers. Despite the fact electric cigarettes are only lawfully allowed to be sold to adults older than 18, just like standard cigarettes, manufacturers have been pushed to take on the part of parents to keep them out of their children’s hands.

The flavors have be found appealing to many smokers, however, who have changed from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

Present-day e-cigs have evolved into something that closely is similar to a real cigarette, even for cigarette smokers that have used tobacco for 30, 40 years or even more. The sensation of smoking and sucking in atomized liquid nicotine supplies a realistic feeling of smoking.

To add to the realism of e-cigarettes, manufacturers have likewise added a small red light to the ending of the electronic cigarettes which lights up any time the smoker takes a drag. This provides a feeling of visual imagery leading to the overall affect of a standard cigarette. Numerous smokers feel as if they are utilizing a classic cigarette, while they certainly are not.

Very early models left no doubt that an e-cigarette was in use, since the vapor produced was only enough to satisfy the user. Today, some brands offer slightly more mist that has a tendency to linger around the smoker as soon as they have taken a puff.

It nonetheless has no smell without any after effects past one or perhaps two seconds, but in addition it adds to the realism of smoking. These realistic characteristics add to the interest of e-cigarettes, as the smoking addiction does revolve a lot around the actual physical process of smoking.

As time goes on, it’s expected there will be additional innovations and improvements in e-cigarettes. These changes won’t impact the way in which the e-cigarette performs, but instead the way it tastes and looks.