Are Electric Cigarettes Better Than Normal Ones?

As a response to those who would love to quit smoking but can’t seem to break the habit, electric cigarettes were developed.

These types of cigarettes come with great advantages to those who use them instead of smoking traditional cigarettes. Since they are not actual cigarettes, they are much healthier for those who use them.

The electric cigarette can assist smokers satisfy their nicotine craving without putting their health at risk from the side effects and health conditions related to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Here are some of the most common advantages to using electric cigarettes:

* Electric cigarettes offer no health threat: Unlike traditional cigarettes, electric cigarettes don’t contain carbon monoxide or tar. So, they are unlikely to ever be linked to things such as heart attack, poor circulation, cancer or emphysema.

* Electric cigarettes won’t turn your teeth yellow: Those who love their pearly whites will be excited to know electric cigarettes will not turn their teeth yellow, like traditional cigarettes often can.

* No smelly hair, clothes, house or car: Electric cigarettes emit a vapor from the “burning” of e-liquid in the “heater” so as to simulate smoke, but that dissipates quickly and is not absorbed into any of the surroundings. In short, electric cigarettes are cleaner than real cigarettes.

* Electric cigarettes are healthier than other smoking deterrents: Electric cigarettes are even healthier than things like “The Patch” or other non-smoking products.

* Nicotine-Control: Electric cigarette smokers can moderate their nicotine intake because cartridges are available with varying degrees of milligrams in nicotine which gives them ultimate control.

* Electric cigarettes are “green”: Because they give off no pollutants, electric cigarettes are quite “green”. There are no waste products from them either, since they’re reusable.

* Save money with electric cigarettes: Electric cigarettes can be reused over and over again, which makes them much less expensive to utilize than traditional cigarettes. When people are “non-smokers” and only using electric cigarettes they can also enjoy lower insurance rates.

* No harms of second hand smoke: Electric cigarettes give off no second hand smoke, so there’s no risk to others on second hand smoking.

As it is possible to see there are multiple benefits to using electric cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. Even if you have tried every method to try to quit smoking, you are able to find relief by trying electric cigarettes. They can be very effective in helping you get rid of the life damaging habit of smoking real cigarettes.