Tobacco Express – Ripoff in Alabama

A woman phoned me from Alabama, because she was looking for a replacement part for her electric cigarette.

It seems that she had bought a brand-new unit from a place called “Tobacco Express” in Florence Alabama. While one of the batteries worked fine the other one was completely dead.

When I asked how long she had owned it,  she told me that it was brand-new she just bought it. That’s right, it was brand-new, right out of the box, completely dead.

Now I’ve been in the electronics industry long time and I know that occasionally things are bad right out of the box so I asked her why she didn’t just take it back?

It seems that the clerk, named Dale, at Tobacco Express told her that “a lot of people have had that problem” and that they could not take it backWhat?

Yep – They would not do in exchange, and they would not give her her money back.  I was stunned.

The clerk told her that she had to try to get ahold of the manufacturer, but he did not know who the manufacturer was, that they bought them from a rep”.  Unfortunately, there was no information in the box either, which was simply marked with a generic, “E-vaporizer” graphic.

At that point I wanted to help her, but with a couple more questions, it became apparent that she had one of the old three-piece units, and not a new two-piece, where you get an atomizer with every replacement cartridge.

I then explained that even if she got a brand-new battery today, and even if we somehow managed to figure out what kind it was, and got her a battery of the right diameter, with the right threads that would actually screw onto her atomizer, the odds were that her atomizer would die soon anyway. She’s basically,  screwed.

Obviously tobacco express is simply a ripoff businesses that bought some closeout garbage models, and doesn’t even have this common sense to keep their customers happy.

I told her I thought her best option was to complain about Tobacco Express to the owner, then to her local Better Business Bureau, and finally to look at either an Esmoke or a Greensmoke unit, with  great products and warranties.

I also referred her to this  electronic cigarette explanation  video so she could clearly understand the difference between what she had purchased, and where the technology is today.