Battery Evolution for 2012

The heart of any electronic cigarette is the battery, and as of this writing, the most advanced battery in the industry has been released by our #1 vendor, South Beach Smoke.

Their SuperMAXTM Deluxe Battery  is probably the most advanced ecig battery on the market today.  At the tip it has their “signature crystal”, emitting bright orange glow when the user inhales, giving users a more realistic experience.

The battery comes standard on their Deluxe models (starting at just $59) , it’s available in two colors, and it even offers a choice in “switches”.


Automatic Switch
The automatic battery is definitely the easiest one,  and it operates exactly the same way as a traditional battery. When the user puffs on it,  they are activating  a computer chip located inside the battery, which heats up the atomizer and produces the vapor.

When using this type of battery, you can create a thicker vapor by “priming” it – i.e.  simply taking one long deep puff  – and then a thicker vapor will be produced on subsequent puffs from the unit.

Manual Switch
This evolution in technology offers users a  small button to press, activating the atomization process, then holding it down while smoking. Manual batteries require no priming like the automatic batteries and produce thicker vapor more quickly and with less puffs.

It should be noted that the manual battery lasts for about 25% less time than the automatic one, but it will create more vapor.  Many people find that the button on the manual battery is manageable and does not interfere with their electronic smoking experience. Others, like myself, really don’t mind a “primer puff” and have no desire to press a button with every hit you take.

Whether you choose a manual or automatic or manual battery is just a personal preference. If, like me, you don’t want to be forced to press a button, then definitely, the automatic battery is the better choice for you.

Try it for yourself here…