Electric Cigarette Affiliate Programs

As a long-time fan of electric cigarette since I first saw them at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) back in January of 2007, I knew I wanted to be early in the affiliate space, and I’ve checked out all literally all the options.

Believe me when I tell you that I’ve tried over a dozen e-cig programs, and I know which sites not only convert, but also actually don’t reverse your sales and end up actually paying you.

For simplification, I’ve removed the longer list of  companies because frankly, they seem pretty disinterested.

South Beach – Sign Up
They are VERY good with communication, and they pay on time, seemingly appreciative of their affiliates.  Their product has SUCH a good price point, that they can compete with anyone.

Their warranty is also for lifetime battery replacement, and that’s another reason why they’re at the top of my ratings list. They don’t yet have a unit that’s a small as regular cigarette, but when thy do, you can bet it ‘ll be a hot seller.

They have a pretty good selection of text links and banners, but their custom link creation interface is a little weird, and I’m not crazy about the reporting .  You can’t tell what’s selling and what’s not, or see individual transactions, or see customer names etc. This could make it harder for me to track  a problem if one of my customers happened to call me about them, but thats unlikely.

  • Affiliate software – their own
  • Payouts – 15% to 30%
  • Disapproved Sales – We’ve had none
  • Chargebacks after payment – We’ve had none
  • Pay frequency  monthly – No 30 day waiting period
  • Pay on time – Yes, always

Greensmoke – Sign Up

greeen-smoke-electric-cigaretteI think Greensmoke has about the best affiliate program, name recognition,  and marketing materials for affiliates, and it doesn’t take much volume to get up to their top payout percentage, which is 20%.

The reason I say they are “the best” is primarily because of their products, which are completely state-of-the-art, and they hold their price well.

You won’t see them being discounted all over the web. and that’s a big plus for maintaining brand integrity.

They also offer the most marketing support, with a wide variety of banners and text links, and also provide printed materials as well, along with the PSD files. They’ll even custom order you business cards.

They provide you with two discount codes, a 5 and a 10%, and you can even get an e-mail address at their domain, if you choose to do so.

If there’s a down side, I’d say that it’s not so much reversals or chargebacks as much as it is the number that never seem to get approved. They claim that people use bad credit cards, but for some reason this is 10X higher than Esmoke.

I wish they would NOT show stats on –  “Here’s how much you’re NOT getting paid for after drawing the search, driving the visitor,  getting the conversion to “add to cart”, getting them to attempt to pay.  Other than that, it’s great!  (please fix that Sammy?)

  • Affiliate software – IdevAffiliate
  • Payouts – 15 to 20%
  • Disapproved Sales – Seems high to me, sometimes up to 15%
  • Chargebacks after payment – Zero so far, I think
  • Pay frequency – monthly
  • Pay on time – Never more than 15 days late

Esmoke.net – Sign Up
esmoke-electric-cigarette These guys also offer an excellent product which is easy to sell, but I’ve found that their website doesn’t convert quite as well as Greensmoke, but still very well.

Their warranty is better than GreenSmoke because they offer a lifetime battery replacement. If you know e-cigs, then you know this is a huge benefit.

Also, they have the best micro-cig I’ve used, at the exact size of a regular cigarette,  and practically the weight too, because I can tuck it behind my ear.

They also have a good selection of banners and text links, and offer the ability to create your own deep links. Most important? They approve sales quickly and pay with no 30 day waiting period.

  • Affiliate software – IdevAffiliate
  • Payouts – 15% to 23%
  • Disapproved Sales – Practically Never
  • Chargebacks after payment – Zero
  • Pay frequency  monthly – With no 30 day waiting period
  • Pay on time – Yes, always, within 7 days