2 Piece GreenSmoke

All electronic cigarettes under $39 are the old style units, and it’s my belief that you’re taking your chances if you buy one.

Three-piece electric cigarettes ARE OBSOLETE, and it’s important to understand the huge differences in the type of Ecig (electric cigarette) you decide to purchase.

Technology in electronic cigarettes has changed so fast that most people don’t even know there is a difference. Ever wonder why there’s such a huge price discrepancy?

Because most of them under $80 simply suck when compared with the newer technology. If you ever meet someone that’s tried both, they’ll immediately tell you the same thing.

Here’s a two minute video explanation…

You will have complete satisfaction with a new two piece unit from GreenSmoke, our 5 star rated vendor.

  • It will be in stock
  • It will ship quickly from the US
  • It will arrive in working order
  • It will not smell upon use
  • It will take the edge off nicely
  • It will be usable indoors or out
  • One battery will last all day
  • It will not be a “factory reconditioned” ecig

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Do you really still want a cheap $39 unit? Well, this one from Zerotar is about as good as they get, and it won’t set off smoke detectors on the airplane. I own one, and have yet to have the atomizer fail, but I rarely use it.